Carrot and Tomatoes Vegetable Soup

I love summer because of all the fruits and vegetables in season. Yesterday was Father’s Day and we ate kind of heavy. So to balance it out we decided to eat a vegetable soup today. You can use any vegetable you have on hand or that you prefer. When my mom and I get in the kitchen we come up with our own creations. Make sure when you are seasoning your food, you season your food to your taste. Always taste your food to see if it needs more seasoning.


2 (32 oz) of chicken stock

2 tbsp garlic, chopped

4 carrots, chopped

3 big potatoes or 4 small ones, chopped

2 celery stalks, chopped

4 Roma Tomatoes 

1/2 a yellow onion

1/2 red Bell Pepper

1/2 yellow Bell Pepper

1 cup yellow summer squash

1 1/2 cup Brussels sprouts (we had it on hand, might as well use it)

2 sprigs of fresh thyme

2 chicken bouillon cubes

1 1/2 adobo seasoning 

Salt and pepper to taste

1 bunch of cilantro (do not chop. Will be taken out later)

1 lemon

Pour the chicken stock in a pot. Bring it to a boil.

Pour at least 2 cups of the chicken stock into the blender because you will use that as a base.

Once you add the stock to the blender add the tomatoes, peppers, garlics and onion.

Blend till it’s creamy.

Pour your base back into the pot and bring to a boil.

Add potatoes, celery, squash, carrots, cilantro.

Let the vegetables simmer for 45 to a hour, put the top on half covered and let it cook on medium low till it thickens.

Midway through your vegetables cooking add your seasonings to your taste and let it finish cooking.

Once your carrots and potatoes are cooked inside of your soup, take them out and put it in your blender to make it creamy. Pour it back into your soup. If you ar using Brussels sprouts this will be the time to add them.

Take out the cilantro. Squeeze lemon juice in your soup. Check the taste of your soup and it’s done!

You can eat this with a side of bread or rice. It’s your choice. We are eating it with cheddar biscuits.

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