Starting Out On Your Weight Loss Journey…

Most of us have a set weight in mind but are not exactly sure how much we weigh. Once I hopped on the scale,I was shocked at how much it said I weighed. 284lbs. I couldn’t believe it. I knew I had gained but I didn’t know it was going to be that much. That’s even more weight than I thought I needed to lose.

So now what? I knew I had to do something. It just meant it would take even longer to reach my goal but I couldn’t let that discourage me. For me to be successful i couldn’t see it as more than 100 lbs that I had to lose. I had to make small goals and once I met those goals I made knew ones. For example: My mini goal was 5 lbs. but I would only focus on losing one pound at a time and then I would focus on the next pound. 

I went online and researched as much as I could about healthy eating, because that’s where I struggled the most. I started out with just tracking my calories and eating healthier. A good calorie tracker is MyFitnessPal:

I started eating more at home and trying new recipes then eating out. Pinterest is my favorite site to find new recipes. I realized then that I actually enjoyed cooking. 

Being more consistent measuring my food instead of guessing how much I was eating. The weight just started falling off with me just tracking my calories. Once I became smaller is when I started incorporating exercise. I worked out at home with Leslie Sansone DVDs everyday. I loved her low impact workouts because it was doable for me and at the time I was not very fit. Now I workout everyday. I love walking out it clears my mind. My favorite app when I go on a long walk is MapMyWalk app.

Being more active throughout the day helped a lot too. My kids love when I play just dance with them. They like to have races to see who is the fastest and I’m out there running with them. 

Meal prepping is so important in your journey. Knowing what you are going to eat makes it so much easier for you not to mess up. I keep my measured trail mix in a ziplock bag in my purse. If I’m running errands most of the day I try to keep snacks with me at all times. But I’m not perfect sometimes I do end up in the drive threw and when I do I would order a grilled sandwich or a small salad. For example: if I go to Burger King I always order a whopper jr with no cheese and extra pickles and no sides. That comes out to 340 calories. 

Do know that this is a lifestyle journey and in your journey you will mess up. We are not perfect. Start new the next day. This quote from Jillian Michaels keeps me going.

Find what works for you!

Whenever I change my diet, I’m consumed by cravings. How do I make them stop?First, when you decide to satisfy a craving, take time to enjoy the food and don’t feel guilty about it. For foods you can’t stop eating once you get started, try having them only in situations where the portion is controlled. For instance, eat them at a restaurant or buy single-serving items rather than a whole package. Most weight maintainers say that they avoid buying highly tempting foods but that if they do have such foods around, they keep them out of sight and therefore out of mind.


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