Simply Awesome! Meet Yesenia Person : Mom On The Move

Purpose Filled Mommy with Minimarie

Looking at her glow in excitement with each step we took of our four mile hike at beautiful Phinizy Swamp I could see the determination that helpedher loose over 100 pounds.Yesenia Person is not only a proud wife, and mother of threeactive kiddos, but she isthecreator of the blog SimplySenia. She also combines her love of cooking and family with photography, her photography skills display an eye for detail with the lens. She shares delicious recipes and healthy eating tipsdailythat helpedmotivated her fitness journey. She is an unashamed foodie that can really throw downin the kitchen with an assortment of colorful dishes and treats that aren’t intimidating for those who want to try their hands in preparing simple tasty meals for their families.Our knees may have been a bit tingly following our walk through the historic Georgia swamp, but we felt victorious as two moms moving forward ready to take…

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