How I lost 110 lbs

I grew up thin. I used to be able to eat as much as I wanted and not gain weight. Once I got older and got married we would eat a lot of takeout or go out to eat. I wasn’t a very good cook. We would hang out with friends and drink. All of that started to catch up to me. I wasn’t as active as before so I was easily gaining weight. For some reason at the time it didn’t bother me. I was happy and my husband loved me so I didn’t really care. Once I started having children, my weight started to bother me more. I couldn’t keep up with them and I was always tired. Any diet and diet pills out there you can think of I tried it. I would lose 5 lbs and quit because I was starving. By the time I had my daughter I was 277lbs. My knees and back always hurt and I was always out of breath. I was uncomfortable. I remember not wanting to look at the scale because I didn’t want to know anymore. So one morning I got up and weighed myself. It said I was 284 lbs. I cried all day. I had enough the next day I went online I started googling “how to eat healthy?” Or “how to lose weight?”.

I read as much information as I could. I went on Pinterest and started looking for healthy recipes to cook. I started just changing my diet. I stopped drinking juice and was only drinking water. I downloaded app called Myfitnesspal and started logging all of my calories on there. I was eating between 1200-1400 calories a day. I kept doing reasearch and trying to learn as much as I could about being healthier and being more active. I started logging my solid food in grams on a food scale and measuring spoons because it is more accurate.

I was measuring my liquids like milk with measuring cups. 

The weight started falling off. Trust me when I tell you that the thought of having to lose so much weight was overwhelming. But I took it one pound at a time and one day at a time. I made small goals. Once I met those small goals I made new ones. I started trying different workouts. YouTube is awesome. They have so many free workouts online from Zumba, Billy Blanks, fitness blender, Leslie Sansone Walk At home Workouts which are my favorite. I had to make time for myself. Sometimes I would workout and my kids would join in. They love it when play Just Dance with them. When I fold laundry,instead of taking all the clothes upstairs all at once,I would take one stack of clothes at a time to get a workout in.

I became a better cook because I was having so much fun trying new things out. My kids love eating vegetables and I look forward to when the farmers market are open again, usually around April.   

I love to bake but I tried not to do it as often because sweets and chocolate are my weakness. If I do I take a small portion out for myself and give the rest away. Tomorrow is going to be my birthday. Two years ago I was 284, last year I was 212, and this year I am 167lbs.  I still have weight to lose but I feel so good now. 

I still go out to eat. I try not to do it so often but when I do I would look over the menu before going. Normally I already know what I am going to order before I get there. I always ask for water with lemon, I skip over the bread, I let my kids eat it. If I go to a steak house for example I would order a steak with a side of vegetables. If we are out running errands and we stop at a drive thru I would order a grilled chicken sandwich or a salad. I try to make it work. It’s not easy but it can be done. My wonderful brother bought me a Fitbit so I can track my steps, and it had helped me tremendously.

It can be done. I tried not to overwhelm myself so I started small. Enjoy trying new things.

Now that I am more active I eat between 1500-1600 calories. It’s all about calories in and calories out. I hope in some way my story could help someone.

I’m a better wife and mother now. I’m actually enjoying life.


10 thoughts on “How I lost 110 lbs

  1. I can remember those days and because of your determination it has made me want to do better with my goals in the weight lost I truly understand how overwhelming it can be as your sister-In-law I’m happy to say you are a jewel. Thanks for being my friend and many blessing on your journey.


  2. You look amazing! You are definitely an inspiration to me. I look forward to seeing more of your progress. Congratulations on your success so far!


  3. I read your blog and it gave me inspiration to get healthy and lose weight. I always see the good meals you make on Facebook and it looks good. Keep posting them. Congrats on your weight loss.


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